Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultimate Fight!!!!!

Pirates versus Ninjas, oh, man, this is a ridiculous topic, but it is fun, isn't it? I believe that people are debating because Nauto, Pirates of the Caribbean, and One Pice are popular and all of them are very strong. Therefore, people want to figue out which one is the strongest warrior!
Personally, I think it depends on where the battlefield is: on the land, maybe ninjas are better; on the ocean, maybe pirates are better. However, it's still difficult to say which one because many people have different abilities. Ok, let's analyze the specific data on it.
In Nauto, one ninja is called
Kisame, he is very strong that he can control the water, and use his chakra to make the ocean to attact, so if pitates are in the ship which is on the ocean, they will be completely dead, Kisame can make water sharks to fight.
In One Piece, some capable persons have special abilities such as generating fire, using poison, and so on. But the ridiculous thing is these persons who have abilities can not swim, they only can stay in the ships, not in the water. Even though they are on the land, they can't be in disadvantageous position.

Now, let's imitate the fight. Luffy is the major character of One Piece; Nauto is in Nauto. Because Luffy can not swim, let's locate the battlefield on the land. Luffy has a particular body which can extend and rebound hurt like rubber; Nauto has nine tails fox which has unlimited chakra, Nauto is a very strong ninja as well. Ok, they begin to fight, but they are very strong, so the situation is equal. Next, Nauto controls fire to attact, but Luffy uses his long arm to punch. When they are tired, Luffy and Nauto are in the rage. Luffy shifts high level power, Nauto borrows nine tails fox power. Personally, Nauto may be stronger because the nine tails fox is a monster. As the result, who will win, I've no idea.

So this is a interesting debate, they each have strength and weakness. But it's undeniable that all of them are very good warriors. If I can, I wish I could own their power, lol.

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