Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultimate Fight!!!!!

Pirates versus Ninjas, oh, man, this is a ridiculous topic, but it is fun, isn't it? I believe that people are debating because Nauto, Pirates of the Caribbean, and One Pice are popular and all of them are very strong. Therefore, people want to figue out which one is the strongest warrior!
Personally, I think it depends on where the battlefield is: on the land, maybe ninjas are better; on the ocean, maybe pirates are better. However, it's still difficult to say which one because many people have different abilities. Ok, let's analyze the specific data on it.
In Nauto, one ninja is called
Kisame, he is very strong that he can control the water, and use his chakra to make the ocean to attact, so if pitates are in the ship which is on the ocean, they will be completely dead, Kisame can make water sharks to fight.
In One Piece, some capable persons have special abilities such as generating fire, using poison, and so on. But the ridiculous thing is these persons who have abilities can not swim, they only can stay in the ships, not in the water. Even though they are on the land, they can't be in disadvantageous position.

Now, let's imitate the fight. Luffy is the major character of One Piece; Nauto is in Nauto. Because Luffy can not swim, let's locate the battlefield on the land. Luffy has a particular body which can extend and rebound hurt like rubber; Nauto has nine tails fox which has unlimited chakra, Nauto is a very strong ninja as well. Ok, they begin to fight, but they are very strong, so the situation is equal. Next, Nauto controls fire to attact, but Luffy uses his long arm to punch. When they are tired, Luffy and Nauto are in the rage. Luffy shifts high level power, Nauto borrows nine tails fox power. Personally, Nauto may be stronger because the nine tails fox is a monster. As the result, who will win, I've no idea.

So this is a interesting debate, they each have strength and weakness. But it's undeniable that all of them are very good warriors. If I can, I wish I could own their power, lol.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tasty or Disgusting

In China, people can eat a lot of different kinds of food. Because China is very big and it has many regions, so people's preferences are various. In northern China, people like to eat wheat as principal food; in southern China, people prefer rice. However, many people like some strange food such as snakes, scorpions, insects and animals' organs. But I can accept these, they are not too bad, frankly, some of them are delicious. If you are brave enough to try, that will be cool.
However, one dish I can accept forever-ever-ever is raw-little-rats. Yes, you didn't listen wrong, eat raw rats!!!!
I saw it on the Internet but I've never seen it in real life. The recipe of this dish is very easy. First of all, collect some little rats which just were born and lay them on a plate. Then make some sauce for them. That's it, pretty easy, isn't it? Attention, before you eat them, they are still ALIVE. It's ridiculous.
Imagine it, you pick up a rat which shouting and have no hair; then put it in the sauce; next put it in your mouth but it still survive. In other words, before you chew it, it's still alive! That is disgusting, even though the rats are fed by honey and have cleaned.
I think this dish is the cruelest and most horrible. So it only exist in some places in southern China but it is NOT common. In general, it is banned in restaurants. There are just few people like it, most of people reject it at all. The majority of Chinese people like normal food!

P.S.( Because it's a very horrible, cruel, and disgusting, you may feel very uncomfortable, so I didn't paste any pictures on my weblog. Sorry about that.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before My Death

I was wondering what I will become in the future. I totally have no idea about that. Well, if there is no big change happen, I will be supposed to be a normal person. Maybe that is also my wish, being normal. I have to get a job first then I want to have a good wife in my life and she will be one of the most important people for me. We may have some children. That will be my ideal life. Of course, I have a lot of nice friends, we can hang out, study, and work.
I want to be a good person for everyone who I know. I will try to bring them fun because I am not a serious person. I like to make jokes on my friends. Furthermore, I will try to be brave and responsible for that I am a man.
When I was young, I often though my death. Would I die when I were old or when I were young? This is a funny question. I do not care how long I can live, I believe that being a person the first most important is value. Does a person really bring something to the world, or just take anything to himself? I know that I am NOT a perfect person and I will never ever be a perfect person. However, I will do my best. For my family, for my friends, I will work hard before I die.
If I could, I'd like to engrave this on my tomb:" Sorry about that I have to take a very long break."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How weird

In my country, there are lot of teenagers and young adults who like to wear weird. First, some of them like pants which are big and loose. So the crotches of pants are ridiculous huge and you may see their briefs sometimes. Second, some people like to dye their hair. As it known well, Asian's hair usually black. But now you can see a lot of different colors around streets even you can see somebody who has silvery hair. Another signal of these group is cell phone. In other words, they love cell phones and take cell phones with them all the time. However, they do not use cell phones to call somebody, they text. For example, they use text to exchange information and contact each other. Even though they have something important or are in the same position, they still do that. I do believe phone companies are happy. They have a same characteristic-revolt. They think they are right always and do not accept others' advice. The trend of them is boys are "becoming" like girls and girls are "becoming" like boys. Many girls like to wear like boys and their hair are short; many boys like to wear like girls and have long hair. Also their personalities are becoming oppositely. You can find clue in media. Personally, I don't like them, I feel they are strange. They just want to be different, but they are in the wrong way in my opinion. Especially for old people, they can't accept these young men anyway.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

EAP2 -Flag of the People's Republic of China

As you see, Chinese flag is red background and it has 5 stars which one is bigger the other are smaller. It was designed by Liansong Zeng in 1949. However, the original one was not like the regular one and that was a sickle and a hammer combined together. So the original was like Soviet's. Sickle and hammer each mean farmers and workers. But Chinese were not only farmers and workers, they still had other classes. So the designer changed the draft, and then he made it like current one-"Five-Starred Red Flag"(五星红旗). The biggest star symbolizes communist party of China (the party in power), 4 smaller stars means workers, farmers, busninessmen, intellectual and they surround the biggest star means communist party's leadship and every chinese people is united. The whole red background symbolized that many heroes died in the revolution, that is martyrs' blood.
If you travel in China, almost you can see Five-Starred Red Flag anywhere. In geranl, every government's departments have flags in front of the buildings. Also you can see them in schools even in people's homes. The most important is Five-Starred Red Flag is China's symol. Chinese people respect and adore the Five-Starred Red Flag.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Studying in CESL~

Don't be shocked by the picture, I'm gonna talk about CESL. Take it easy. CESL is great place to study, also you can come here just for fun. I won't disappoint you for sure. First of all, teachers are always fun or funny, even cute. They are so easy-going that you can talk anything you want with them. Certainly, you should talk after class, not on the class, or they may get mad. In the class, you can get a lots fun, too. For instance, some teachers have some funny and a sort of silly games for you. Well, I can't give so specific examples. So if you have chance to come here, grasp it and you will be shocked. Every Thursday afternoon, there is tea time service in the CESL hall way. You have opportunities to chat, drink, and eat. That's fun. Sometimes CESL orgnanizes St.Louis trip. I like anything in CESL except TOEFL, lol. But I know that's the most important.
I am sorry about that I didn't write so long and I have to prepare the exams. See you around.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nervousness VS Confidence

Seriously, I am nervous usually. I'm not a extroversion person, I scared to talk with strangers. But I tried to be confident, so sometimes you can't feel I am very nervous. But in my memory, there was a very interesting thing happened in my high school.
When I was in the first grade in high school, my teacher gave me assignment that was a research about games ( I chose the topic). However, I needed to present the result to the whole class. Oh, gosh, it would be confoundedly hard for me, I thought. I was so worried about the presentation. So I used almost 80% time to prepare the presentation not research. Because research was easy for me. I practiced with mirror and I gave speech to my mom time after time.
Finally, the "doomsday" was coming. Before I went to the platform, I took a deep breathe. "I can do it, I can do it.........." I repeated in my heart again and again. I really attempted to look like confident, nevertheless I could not feel my legs and I feel my tongue began to tie a knot, somehow. When I reached the platform(a long way for me), I cleared my throat. Suddenly, I felt comfortable. "It's not hard, is it?" I asked myself. Then I began to give my speech. To my surprise, I added something such as examples and stories. As soon as I finished, I heard there was a lots clapping. I was so happy that I didn't ruin it. Oppositely, I did very well (might not, I don't know, lol).
From then on, I have not been very nervous when I was talking. Because I believe I can.